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It is self-evident that something exists. We know this simply from the fact that we are aware of something. Absolutely all of our knowledge entails this. When we speak of something that exists in general, we call that being. The two most fundamental questions in regards to being are what is it and why is … Continue reading Being | Simply Philosophy

Beginning Philosophy | Simply Philosophy

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I think that philosophy is very difficult for someone who know nothing about it and want to learn. In order to learn philosophy we must start at the beginning. Ordinarily, I would suggest that we learn by studying the great philosophers of history. But such a thing is no good to someone who lacks any … Continue reading Beginning Philosophy | Simply Philosophy

Self Evident Truths are Certain | Simply Philosophy

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In my last post, I undercut the idea the mere skepticism could ever cause reasonable doubt against self evident truths. But we can take this argument much further. It is simply not possible for any kind of skepticism against self-evident truths to be reasonable. Any such criticism would beg the question against self-evident truths, be … Continue reading Self Evident Truths are Certain | Simply Philosophy