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What is Religion? | Simply Philosophy

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There is no common definition of religion that scholars agree on. Ordinary people don’t know what it is either. At the same time, we all know that certain things are religions – Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Native American beliefs. Various definitions of religion have been proposed, but they are either too broad and include things … Continue reading What is Religion? | Simply Philosophy

Religion is Exclusive – Simply Philosophy

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I have shown many things about religion. Everyone is religious, but what people do not know is that all religions are exclusive. Exclusive means that all religions claim about themselves that they are right and all other religions are wrong. This is true because all religions state themselves in a general form that other people … Continue reading Religion is Exclusive – Simply Philosophy

Freedom of Religion – Simply Philosophy

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Freedom of Religion In my series on freedom, I have already mentioned the various freedoms. There is freedom of speech, expression, association and excellence. This is the final freedom, and in some ways it is the most important freedom. Freedom of religion is the freedom to be as religious as possible to choose the highest … Continue reading Freedom of Religion – Simply Philosophy

A common set of arguments against intelligent design theory is that it, the Discovery Institute, or the motives behind the theory are religious in nature. It is supposed that for this reason, intelligent design theory is not scientific or is not a viable theory. I have previously shown that intelligent design theory is a historical … Continue reading Intelligent Design Theory and Religion – Simply Philosophy