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Aristotle was the first to systematically lay out various living things in the world. According to him, they could be divided into three categories: plants, animals and rational beings (humans). Insofar as biology is concerned, human beings are animals. Therefore, there were two biological categories: plants and animals. Carl Linnaeus extended this knowledge to cover … Continue reading Taxonomy (Or Why Modern Biological Categories are Wrong) – Simply Philosophy

So far I have explained how to divide categories and why categories are important. What I have not discussed is whether there is a lowest category and how to determine it if it exists. There are such lowest categories and they are determined by showing that there is no attribute capable of dividing the category … Continue reading Determining the Most Specific Category – Simply Philosophy

Dividing Categories

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Dividing Categories In the previous post of this series, I explained that there is no super categories of absolutely everything that exists. The highest categories include such things as quantities, relations, substances, etc. However, I did not give any information on how to properly divide a category. All categories are properly divided by taking the … Continue reading Dividing Categories