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There are a number of books on various topics that are quite good. These are the sort of books that it would be worth your money to actually buy. The first book is Real Essentialism. This is a book that explains the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas for the modern reader. It defends Aristotelian philosophy (basic … Continue reading Philosophy and Culture Book Recommendations

I was reading an short post by Jessie Golem on the topic of abortion recently. Jessie argued that abortion should not be denied to those who were victims of rape. She had a number of other arguments as well, but I wish to focus on this one. If abortion really is murder, and murder is … Continue reading Abortion is Murder, Abortion is Legal – Simply Philosophy

Copyright is Morally Unjustified – Simply Philosophy

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Previously, I have discussed the two major arguments for copyright and have given arguments against them. Without a positive argument for copyright, the government is not morally justified in creating copyright. The lack of moral justification does not mean that we are permitted to violate copyright law. It simply means that we are morally justified … Continue reading Copyright is Morally Unjustified – Simply Philosophy