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The Contemporary Liberal Assumption – Simply Philosophy

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I recently listened to a series of lectures on the subject of political philosophy by a Yale professor. They are fairly well done and I recommend them. But what struck me while listening to them is a common assumption found within all of the perspectives he mentioned. This assumption remains without argument even though it … Continue reading The Contemporary Liberal Assumption – Simply Philosophy

Methodological naturalism is usually understood to be the idea that a subject will be investigated as if supernatural causes do not exist. This is often considered to be a part of science, and therefore theories such as intelligent design cannot be scientific. While intelligent design theory is not a scientific theory, this issue should still … Continue reading Methodological Naturalism, Science and History – Simply Philosophy

A common set of arguments against intelligent design theory is that it, the Discovery Institute, or the motives behind the theory are religious in nature. It is supposed that for this reason, intelligent design theory is not scientific or is not a viable theory. I have previously shown that intelligent design theory is a historical … Continue reading Intelligent Design Theory and Religion – Simply Philosophy

Feser and Intelligent Design

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Feser and Intelligent Design I think that Edward Feser is an excellent philosopher. I also think that his criticisms of intelligent design theory are criticisms of the philosophical mistakes of ID advocates rather than criticisms of any central features of intelligent design theory. Feser criticizes intelligent design theory on a number of grounds. First, that … Continue reading Feser and Intelligent Design

Free Speech vs Hate Speech | Simply Philosophy

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Free Speech vs Hate Speech In my last post I described some of the motives and underlying assumptions of hate speech regulations. I indicated some of the problems that hate speech laws have and suggested that alternatives are necessary. Hate speech laws divide society, increase hatreds, promote ignorance and punish questions. The solution to the … Continue reading Free Speech vs Hate Speech | Simply Philosophy

Sentences and Reasoning – Simply Philosophy

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I have shown that all self-evident sentences are true. But some sentences are not self-evident, even though they are true. These sentences are found by reasoning from self-evident sentences. Such reasoning can be either deductive or inductive. We determine whether or not a sentence is true by asking why that sentence is true. For self-evident … Continue reading Sentences and Reasoning – Simply Philosophy

The Problem of Modern Universities | Simply Philosophy

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In my last post, I showed just some of the problems of the modern university. I also gave a brief mention of why these problems were so bad that the modern university is not functioning anywhere close to its intended purpose. But before we can offer any solutions to a problem, we must first be … Continue reading The Problem of Modern Universities | Simply Philosophy

In my previous post, I explored the influences of non-commercial groups on the modern university. I concluded that most such groups have little influence. Commercial groups are another story. There are two main groups that influence a university campus. The first group is financial institutions. The second group is publishers. There are many other companies … Continue reading Companies and Universities | Simply Philosophy