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There are a number of books on various topics that are quite good. These are the sort of books that it would be worth your money to actually buy. The first book is Real Essentialism. This is a book that explains the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas for the modern reader. It defends Aristotelian philosophy (basic … Continue reading Philosophy and Culture Book Recommendations

Mary Sue Should Die – Simply Philosophy

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I mentioned that I would discuss poorly written stories in order to discover what makes stories good or bad. One of these is the Mary Sue. There are a number of definitions of Mary Sue (and Gary Stu). A Mary Sue may refer to a self-insert character, an overly idealistic character, an author avatar or … Continue reading Mary Sue Should Die – Simply Philosophy

Which God Exists – Simply Philosophy

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Most Christians do not really think very deeply about this question. Neither do most atheists. But this question is central to any discussion of whether or not God exists. Most Christians think of God as a person, but who knows everything, can do almost anything and desires only what is good. Most atheists think that … Continue reading Which God Exists – Simply Philosophy


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Knowledge In a previous series, I have discussed the nature and purpose of education. When we are educated we learn what we did not know before. But what is knowledge? Can we have knowledge? Before we can answer whether or not we can have knowledge we must understand what knowledge is. The problem is that … Continue reading Knowledge

Reasons to Restrict Free Speech | Simply Philosophy

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I have given two lines of argument to support free speech. But many people believe that free speech should be limited or restricted in some circumstances. I am not speaking of restrictions that are voluntary (such as politeness) but restrictions that are involuntary. These restrictions include restrictions for reasons of hate, offensiveness, sensitivity, practicality and … Continue reading Reasons to Restrict Free Speech | Simply Philosophy

Much of modern philosophy begins in doubt. Descartes rather famously claimed that he knew he existed because he could not doubt it. Ever since that time, skeptical arguments have always been prominent. If self evident truths are the most certain truths we can know, then any doubts will appear to a greater extent in anything … Continue reading Doubting Self Evident Truths | Simply Philosophy

Beginning Philosophy | Simply Philosophy

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I think that philosophy is very difficult for someone who know nothing about it and want to learn. In order to learn philosophy we must start at the beginning. Ordinarily, I would suggest that we learn by studying the great philosophers of history. But such a thing is no good to someone who lacks any … Continue reading Beginning Philosophy | Simply Philosophy

In my last post, I explained that the government’ s main contribution to universities is in the form of tuition subsidies for public universities. The government also provides assistance to individual students and regulates public universities, but the main way that the government uses universities is by giving them money. The modern university is also … Continue reading Non-Commerical Groups and Universities | Simply Philosophy

The Government and Universities | Simply Philosophy

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In my previous post, I explained that we canunderstand the nature of the modern university by understanding how it is used. One of the users of the university system is the government. There are three ways in which the government uses universities. The government funds universities, regulates universities and hires university graduates. The most significant … Continue reading The Government and Universities | Simply Philosophy