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I was reading an short post by Jessie Golem on the topic of abortion recently. Jessie argued that abortion should not be denied to those who were victims of rape. She had a number of other arguments as well, but I wish to focus on this one. If abortion really is murder, and murder is … Continue reading Abortion is Murder, Abortion is Legal – Simply Philosophy

Limiting Political Power – Simply Philosophy

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Political power can be distributed either top-down or bottom-up, but it can also be limited in various ways. There are a number of ways to limit political power. It may be limited by a higher authority, by a lack of need, by a shared moral system or by a shared agreement. These ways of limiting … Continue reading Limiting Political Power – Simply Philosophy

Political Power – Simply Philosophy

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I have shown in a previous series that the existence of a government, the power to tax, imprison and fine individuals and the power to regulate are all necessary on occasion and sometimes morally permissible. However, this does not show that the acts and powers claimed by our present governments are either necessary or morally … Continue reading Political Power – Simply Philosophy

Coercion and Rights – Simply Philosophy

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In the two previous posts I have shown that a common anarchist argument against taxes fails and that the community may morally obtain your property, even if you must be coerced to do so. So it is simple to show that coercion is sometimes permissible in the case of property rights. Governments also claim the … Continue reading Coercion and Rights – Simply Philosophy

Community Assistance | Simply Philosophy

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In a previous post, I explained that a common anarchist argument against taxes fails. But that does not mean that taxes are moral. It just means that one argument against taxes fails. This is my positive argument for taxes (or something like them). I will say upfront that this argument does not justify the taking … Continue reading Community Assistance | Simply Philosophy

Is Government Necessary? – Simply Philosophy

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One act of entrusting the common good of humanity (as applied to the many) to some within that many creates both a country and a government. But anarchists must believe that such an act is not necessary. For anarchism to be a viable theory, it must be possible for an anarchist to exist in a … Continue reading Is Government Necessary? – Simply Philosophy

I have previous said that the act that creates government is the act that entrusts some people with the common good. But what is the common good? One way one might be an anarchist is to deny that there is a common good either in general or for governments. This is impossible because every group … Continue reading The Common Good – Simply Philosophy

I have been reading some libertarian news recently, and some libertarians believe that the world would be better without government. They rarely bother to investigate what government is and whether or not it is even possible to be without government. Government is not a material thing, nor is it a natural substance. Government is an … Continue reading What is Government? – Simply Philosophy

Are Taxes Moral? | Simply Philosophy

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One of the arguments against the existence of special government powers such as the power to tax is that taxing is no different from theft. Since theft is wrong, so is taxing. A careful examination of this argument shows that it assumes that there is no moral difference between an individual under government and an … Continue reading Are Taxes Moral? | Simply Philosophy

Encouraging Respect | Simply Philosophy

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In my previous post, I showed that objectively offensive speech falls into two categories. False speech can be punished by law, while disrespectful speech cannot be. Free speech by itself cannot solve the problem of a lack of respect in speech, but neither can any law. Laws only make the situation worse. Respect can only … Continue reading Encouraging Respect | Simply Philosophy