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There are a number of books on various topics that are quite good. These are the sort of books that it would be worth your money to actually buy. The first book is Real Essentialism. This is a book that explains the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas for the modern reader. It defends Aristotelian philosophy (basic … Continue reading Philosophy and Culture Book Recommendations

God is One

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So far, I have only proven that God is the simple, necessary, eternal, unchangeable first cause of one particular change in the world. But there is a first cause for every single kind of change in the world. That includes the coming into existence of everything. So there are two options: either there is one … Continue reading God is One

Religion Has Governments

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I have mentioned how everyone is religious, religion must be rational and everyone should be as religious as possible. Now I will move on to discuss what these things mean for the government. There are obviously a number of views possible here. The farthest position someone could have is that government should ban all religion … Continue reading Religion Has Governments

Atheism Needs ‘Religion’

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There is an article by a feminist atheist claiming that atheism can make the world better by tearing down religious irrationality. (We should understand ‘religious’ here as meaning the belief in supernatural beings.) I won’t mention the severe bias found in the article, the numerous fallacies or the complete lack of objectivity. Instead, I will mention one … Continue reading Atheism Needs ‘Religion’