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Aristotle’s Writings

Aristotle’s writings cannot be usefully categorized by time. They can only be usefully categorized by topic. The topic arrangement found in his writings was not necessarily done by him, but was created by early interpreters of Aristotle. It is that list which is produced below.

Logical Writings (also called Organon):

  • Categories
  • De Interpretatione
  • Prior Analytics
  • Posterior Analytics
  • Topics
  • Sophistical Refutations

Physics (Natural Philosophy, or scientific writings):

  • Physics
  • On the Heavens
  • On Generation and Corruption
  • Meteorology
  • On the Universe **
  • On the Soul
  • The Parva Naturalia:
    • Sense and Sensibilia
    • On Memory
    • On Sleep
    • On Dreams
    • On Divination in Sleep
    • On Length and Shortness of Life
    • On Youth, Old Age, Life and Death, and Respiration
  • On Breath **
  • History of Animals
  • Parts of Animals
  • Movements of Animals
  • Progression of Animals
  • Generation of Animals
  • On Colors **
  • On Things Heard **
  • Physiognomonics **
  • On Plants
  • On Marvellous Things Heard **
  • Mechanics **
  • Problems *
  • On Indivisible Lines **
  • The Situations and Names of Winds **
  • On Melissus, Xenophanes and Gorgias **



  • Nicomachean Ethics
  • Magna Moralia *
  • Eudemian Ethics
  • On Virtues and Vices **
  • Politics
  • Economics *


  • Rhetoric
  • Rhetoric to Alexander **
  • Poetics

The * indicates that some people believe that Aristotle did not write all (or any) or the work. A ** indicates that scholars agree that he did not write the work.

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