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Aristotle’s Categories

Aristotle’s Categories is a short work of Aristotles that introduces the subject of metaphysics. It is most well known for introducing the ten categories of reference and the distinction of the four ways that ground the truth of predication. The current best translation for the Categories is The Complete Works of Aristotle, Vol 1.

There have been a number of translations and commentaries on this work over time.

  1. 1a1-1a5 Homonyms;
  2. 1a6-1a12 Synonyms;
  3. 1a13-1a15 Paronymous Words;
  4. 1a16-1a19 Dividing Speech;
  5. 1a20-1b9 Dividing Combined Concepts;
  6. 1b10-1b15 Transitive Predication;
  7. 1b16-1b24 Transitive Differentia;
  8. 1b25-2a4 Ten Kinds of Names;
  9. 2a5-2a12 Combination and Truth;
  10. 2a13-2a18 Primary vs Secondary Substances;
  11. 2a19-2a34 Necessary Predication;
  12. 2a35-2b7 All Subjects are of Primary Substance;
  13. 2b8-2b22 Secondary Substances;
  14. 2b23-2b28 Equality of Substance;
  15. 2b29-3a7 Secondary Substances are Species and Genera;
  16. 3a8-3a21 Substances Arent in Subjects;
  17. 3a22-3a29 Differences Arent in Subjects;
  18. 3a30-3a33 Substances and Parts;
  19. 3a34-3b9 Said of is Synonymous;
  20. 3b10-3b23 Substance is a Unity;
  21. 3b24-3b31 Substance Has no Contraries;
  22. 3b32-4a9 Substance Cannot be Measured;
  23. 4a10-4a20 Substances Can Have Contraries;
  24. 4a21-4b19 Statements Have No Contraries;
  25. 4b20-4b23;
  26. 4b24-5a14;
  27. 5a15-5a37;
  28. 5a38-5b11;
  29. 5b12-5b29;
  30. 5b30-6a12

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