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Topics Book 2

Book 2 of Aristotles Topics continues to cover the skill of dialectical reasoning. The previous book functioned as a sort of introduction to the issues. This book is appropriately contrasted with the other logical works of Aristotle. This is a practical book aimed at teaching a particular skill. The commentary is now organized by Bekker number. Some time in the future, this will no longer be true. The actual text of Aristotles commentary can be found in the Complete Works of Aristotle.

108b34-109a8 Universals vs. Particulars

109a9-109a26 Naming and Accidents

109a27-109a33 Two Errors

109a34-109b12 Mistaken for Accidents?

109b13-109b29 Examining Predicates

109b30-110a9 Definitions and Universals





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