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Argument and Dialectic

This describes the difference between argument and dialectic, as well as the basics of argument.

Fallacies of Language

I have mentioned that there are fallacies of language and fallacies of argument. In order to properly respond to fallacies they must be identified, understood and explained. There are a number of different fallacies of language. Fallacies of language happen when we do not clearly say what we mean. There are two fallacies of language: equivocation and misuse of metaphor. Every argument always invol...

How to Argue

Now that I have finished discussing the basics of fallacies and have already discussed the importance and nature of argument and dialectic, we must move onward to discuss actual debates, discussions and conversations. All arguments and debates have four components. They all have a starting point, arguments, a problem and opponents. Understanding these things will greatly help in arguing well. All ...