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Does God exist?

This is an examination of the question ” does god exist?”. a proof for god’s existence is developed and defended.

God Exists: An Overview of the First Way

I have already mentioned that Aquinas summarized five proofs for the existence of God. All of these proofs are deductive and begin with some obvious empirical fact about the world. The first way argues that God exists because he is the explanation for change in the world. It is a simple sounding argument that proves the existence of God from the fact that at least one thing changes in the world. T...

God is Simple

In this series so far, I have shown that there is an eternal, necessary, unchangeable first cause of one particular change of one thing in the world. But before I can go further, I will show that God is simple. In an earlier post I mentioned that there is a difference between essence and existence. Essence is what a thing is and existence is that it exists. In God, there is no difference between t...