There is a piece of disgusting but important news from Afghanistan and a suggestion for the Republican house. The important news from Afghanistan is that underage male prostitution is on the rise. Warlords and other people are interested in continuing this practice, even though it is obviously immoral and recognized as such by Islam. The suggestion for the Republican House of Representatives is that Obama should be impeached. If it is successful, then Obama will no longer damage the country, and we can all rest easier. If it is not successful, then perhaps he will stop or slow down the amount of damage. It seems like a suggestion worthy of some investigation.

What are some examples of bad Obama policies? Well, Obama has decided that the secret ballot is a bad idea. If workers do not support the Democratic unions, then they must be made to do so. He also decided that attacking individual companies that fail to support the Democratic agenda is the best way to punish them. Who needs the rule of law anyway! Not only did Obama attack the democratic structure of his country, but he has also used regulation to destroy the economy. He has used the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to ensure that businesses do poorly. Since he cannot get his agenda through legislation like a proper democratic politician, he does it through policies and regulation like an improper politician.

Obama’s mistakes continue in foreign policy as well. Not only did the government have to pass laws protecting the rights of soldiers to self-defense in situations of armed conflict, but Obama is continuing to do strange things with the military. He has now decided that it is acceptable for the Mexican army to operate on American lands, and for the American army to operate on Mexican lands. All of this is apparently necessary to fight the war against drugs. The incompetence of Obama in foreign affairs is so bad that the Syrian president has claimed on TY that his words are worthless!

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