I have been spending a good deal of time discussing both religion and proper argument. I have decided to start discussing the issue of freedom especially because that is such a popular topic today. I agree that freedom is important. Everyone in our society agrees that it is important. But why is it important? By examining such things we will come to a better understanding of just what freedom is.

One way of showing what is so good about freedom is by pointing out the different ways someone might not have it. One might lack physical freedom by being unable to go to the store. Consider a person who broke their legs. They are not as free as someone who has full use of their legs. That is why disabled access is such an important issue it is an issue of freedom. One might lack legal freedom by being forbidden (legally) to do something. Consider a government that forbids its citizens from criticizing the government. The citizens in that government are less free than citizens in another government that lets them criticizing the government. That is why free speech is an issue of freedom. One might be kidnapped or confined and lack the freedom of movement. One might live in a society with strict rules and be unable to do certain things one would lack social freedom. One might live in a society that does not educate. You would lack the freedom of choice that comes from knowledge.

Another way we can show the value of freedom is by pointing out what we gain by having it. We simply look at what we lack without freedom and claim that we gain the opposites with freedom. So such things as bodily freedom, free choice, legal freedom, freedom of movement and so on are gained by gaining freedom. But the good things that these things give us is the ability to fulfill our desires. Freedom allows us to do what we want. Legal freedom lets us say the things we want to say about the government. Freedom of movement lets us go where we want to go. Social freedom lets us have the friends and do the things that we like to do. Freedom of choice lets us choose what we want to choose. No form of freedom is good because it makes us free it is good because having it lets us do what we want. Lacking freedom is not bad because lacking freedom is bad rather it is bad because we cannot do what we want to do.

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