I have previously shown that God is the first cause of all change in the world because God is one. This means something very interesting. It means that God is the creator of the entire world. I am not speaking of the past. I mean that God is the reason for the existence and change of all things in the universe right now.

There are two forms of change that an thing can undergo. First, that thing can either begin to exist or cease existing. Second, that thing can change by gaining or losing an attribute. For example, a car being manufactured is the first kind of change. In that form of change, a car comes into being. When a tree is cut down, the tree no longer exists. Now we either have a rotting log or wooden planks. The second kind of change happens when we think a new thought, move to a new place, paint a wall a new color or write in a book.

The previous post in the series has proven that God is one. That means that he is the first cause of every change. He is the cause of all things beginning to exist, changing how they exist and ending their existence. This is what I have shown so far. However, God is also the cause of all things being what they are even if they do not change. God is necessary and the first cause of all things other than himself. This means that nothing other than God is necessary. So God is the reason why they exist when they would otherwise not exist. But something that might not exist may not exist at any time. Unless there is some reason for that thing to exist at that time, then it should not exist. But what ever is the reason for the existence of things continuing to exist would be the first cause of their existence – God.

Things that change their attributes could have failed to have those attributes. Just like the existence of things that might not have existed, there must be a reason why things have the attributes they could have failed to have. Since any reason we give will have to be a first cause, God is the reason for everything having the attributes that it could have failed to have.

This combines to give us the understanding of God as creator. God is the reason for all change, all existence and the attributes of everything. He is the reason why everything continues to exist. He is the reason why everything continues to exist having the attributes that it does. He is the ultimate cause of why the world is way it is.

Now, a complete picture of God would have to show that he was a living, knowing and personal being. However, everything up to this point has depending on a single line of argument. I have also covered some issues very quickly. Before continuing on and proving those things, I will return to the beginning and examine each step closely.

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