I have previously referenced proofs for the existence of things and matter in various posts. We must believe in things because we need things to explain the properties, origin and differences of matter. We must believe in matter because we need something underneath the change so that one thing can change into another. So now these two must be joined together. Matter and things must be used to explain every material thing. We cannot ever separate them physically or in any kind of scientific experiment because matter and things can only be distinguished by metaphysical analysis. Finally, matter and things explain different things. Common traits found in two objects that are also found in the common materials they originate from are explained by matter. All other traits are explained by the thing.

Matter and things must be used to explain every material things because no material thing can exist unless is both has matter and is a thing. This has been proven in the previous posts. Any material thing is capable of changing so that it is not that thing anymore. That is only possible because it is made out of matter. Any matter must be the matter of a thing. This is because the differences between matter, origin of different kinds of matter and the properties of matter all require that any matter at all be part of a thing.

Matter and things are so closely joined that no scientific experiment or physical event could ever separate them. Not even God could separate them. This is true because matter that exists without being part of a thing is a contradiction. This is like speaking of a triangle. It is impossible to speak of the triangularity found in triangles as if it could exist apart from a triangle. By definition, any closed figure having three angles is a triangle. So if triangularity exists, then it exists inside a triangle. It can’ t exist outside the triangle because that would be contradictory. The situation of matter and things is much the same. The only difference is that matter and things are not mathematical objects, but real things that exist in the world. The other point of similarity is that triangles and angles are different things. Even though they cannot exist apart from each other that does not make them the same things. Angles have degrees and are formed by two straight lines. Triangles do not have degrees and have three lines. Since they have different traits they are different things. In the same way, matter and things have different traits.

Traits found in things are there because of matter only if they are also found in the materials they originate from. So the color of wood is brown because of the matter of wood. That is because the inside of trees is also brown. On the other hand, food that we eat has little in common with our insides. Therefore, the properties of our bodies have very little to do with what the food we eat is made out of.

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