I have been checking out a very balanced news site recently. This site has coverage on all of those events that the mainstream news does not bother to report. A wide variety of news coverage is important to a democracy in the same way that having a working brain is important to a living human being. Here are some examples of news items not reported on in the mainstream press.

First, Obama‘s government (the FCC) is in collusion with a leftist group to regulate the internet. Obama believes that everyone should have access to the internet – surely a worthy goal. But in the process, he believes that internet access should be ‘protected’ as a civil right. Suppose that we believe that Obama was serious. In that case, I propose that the internet be treated as an infrastructure item. We gather the internet providers and other businesses and ask them what sort of things they need to offer low cost internet to everyone. That is not what they are doing. They are attempting the age-old solution of extra regulation of internet providers. Naturally, that will result in no internet for poor people.

Second, Obama is unaware of the threat of Islamism. His government is working with organizations that are known to have either participated in terrorist activities or have funded terrorist activities. These organizations may not be violent, but when the time is right that would change. Not only that, but these organizations seek to destroy the very freedoms – such as the freedom of speech and freedom of religion – that make Western countries great. Pro-sharia organizations are evil, and no competent president will ever work with them.

Third, the stock markets are not falling because of the credit downgrade. They are falling because they are extremely overvalued, and they are reaching the value they should have. I cannot say how this will change things in the economy, but I hope that Canada does not have problems the size of America. Also, we can be assured that American bonds are still valuable – that is why investors in stocks are selling and buying bonds.

Fourth, Rick Perry (a candidate for president) has been publicly praying for the country. There is nothing wrong with this. Now if he were praying for the destruction of the country (as in Islamist ideology) than we would have a problem. Hopefully everyone supports freedom of religion. Freedom of religion says that praying in public is OK. What we want is someone who does what is right for the economy – regardless of whether or not they pray about it too. Since Perry has good plans and is a member of the Tea Party, he certainly has good economic ideas. So anyone who criticizes his prayer is really criticizing the freedoms we have in the Western world.

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