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Smarty Tuner In A Common Rail Cummins

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welcome to parlays diesel performance
product installation training series
join us now and learn how to maximize
your Diesel’s fuel economy and
performance potential hi Justin here
today we’re going to show you how easy
it is to use a performance programmer
like the Smarty in a 2005 Dodge Ram 2500
with the 5.9 liter Cummins engine
originally we installed a diesel power
did you see our real pressure box on
this truck with the owner looking for
power with fuel economy now we’re going
to stack the Digi CR with this smart e
using the smart e software settings that
don’t add timing on the lower smart e
settings this should give us further
gains in power and fuel economy before
beginning this installation we needed to
remove the diesel power fuel rail
pressure box make sure the key is
removed from the ignition rather than
completely uninstalling the diesel power
digi CR module you can simply use the
blocker plug that came with it now we
can proceed to the smarty tuner install
attach the supplied cable to the Smarty
then turn your truck key to the on
position but don’t start the engine plug
the Smarty tuner into your trucks obd2
diagnostic port with the free end of the
cable using the numeric keypad on the
Sparty tuner press the number 1 twice to
allow the tuner to read your vehicle’s
information when the connection has been
established the Smarty tuner shows the
current installed software during the
first programming the following screen
will appear which indicates a stock ECM
program is installed after pressing the
right arrow the Smarty will work only
with your vehicle until your vehicle is
restored back to the stock settings by
your smarty now it’s time to select a
catcher software program there are 10
different catcher settings to choose
from and they are conveniently listed
right on the back of the tuner enter the
single-digit number from 0 to 9 that
corresponds with a software number to be
programmed into your ECM then press the
right arrow to confirm your selection if
you’re stacking the Smarty tuner with
the diesel power module like we did on
this vehicle be sure you select an
even-numbered cat
software these do not add timing for a
stock automatic transmission it’s not
recommended to use any software version
above number three if you have a stock
manual transmission capture software
number 5 is the highest safe level
you’ll want to go to do not unplug the
Smarty tuner until you have finished
updating ECM once the programming is a
hundred percent complete the Smarty will
ask you to turn off the key then press
the right arrow button the Smarty will
then begin to update the ECM and will
ask you to turn the key back on followed
by pressing the right arrow then the
Smarty will ask you to turn the key off
and press the right arrow once more
after the update is complete the Smarty
will tell you to unplug the device from
the obd2 port now that we’ve got the
Smarty tuner software installed we’re
going to take it out for two quick test
runs first we’re going to start with the
engine turned off and then drive it down
the street with just the Smarty tuner
set on software level number 6
second we’re going to add the digi CR
back into the mix and see what happens
notice how the diesel power module
reduces the amount of smoke released at
the same software level without reducing
any power now you’ve got added power and
if you can keep your lead foot off the
pedal you’ll see improved fuel economy –
thank you for watching our diesel
performance installation video to get
your smarty tuner and for all your
diesel performance needs visit us today
at parlays diesel performance calm and
don’t forget you can catch all of our
newest videos by clicking on our logo to
subscribe to our youtube channel

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When it comes to finding the best tuner for 5.9 Cummins engine, you must first understand what the engine is made of. It is a two-cycle internal combustion engine that was designed in the 1970’s by Bob Travaglia, who has since gone on to found many different companies.

The engine is a semi-reciprocating one that uses a mixture of gasoline and kerosene. It uses a cylinder head and combustion chamber with two valves per cylinder. There are four main parts to the engine, and all of them are connected together with pistons that run up and down the cylinders. The pistons push down on the valve seats which open when the pistons have been turned, allowing the fuel and air to mix in with each other.

In the case of the Camaro engine, it will use a single cam that turns in a helical pattern with respect to the cylinder. The camshafts will be used to control the pressure and volume of the gases, thus creating the sound that is produced by the engine.

The cam that is located in the engine produces an opening sound as the cam rises and closes as the cam shifts up and down the gears. The camshaft, cam sprocket, rocker arm, valve seat will all need to be fitted, and all of them will need to be replaced, if the engine is to operate properly.

Some of the parts that need to be fitted are the camshaft, which is also known as the cam lobes, the cam sprocket, rocker sprocket and rocker, the cam lobe, the rockers and rocker arms and the valve seat. Once these parts are fitted and working correctly, the cylinder head, which is the part that contains the port holes, will then need to be fitted. This will require the fitting of the valve covers.

To ensure the complete installation of the engine, it is important to hire a professional installer to perform the work. It is important that all parts are fitted correctly before beginning the work, to avoid damaging or otherwise causing unnecessary problems.

The work can be started by installing the carburetor on the engine, followed by changing the water pump, transmission and alternator. In the case of the transmission, the oil will need to be changed, the starter will need to be disconnected and the transfer case replaced. Once all of these parts are installed, the spark plugs will need to be fitted.

The plug needs to be fitted so that the combustion process of the engine is made easier. To achieve this, the plugs will need to be placed on the end of the valve seats, which move up and down when the piston is turned.

The installation of the engine is then completed, and it will then be time to connect the power steering pump and turn the ignition switch on to complete the process. After that, the engine should be tested and tuned to obtain optimum performance.

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Last update on 2021-04-18 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate a Simply Philosophy team earns from qualifying purchases.