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Preventing UTI’s In Dogs Through Diet

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hi it’s Terra again from ketchup
today I want to give you a few pointers
I’m dealing with UTIs in your dog
specifically pixie is now acting a
little bit like she might have another
problem even though it’s really hard for
me to tell because she doesn’t seem to
be too uncomfortable with it
so her behavior doesn’t really show the
typical signs you would see like the
frequent urination or you know whining
or whimpering while she’s urinating I
can’t tell that there’s a problem until
I start seeing a little bit of blood but
then after her last time the vet told me
to look out for one specific thing that
is a telltale sign and that is frequent
licking in the area because that means
she’s trying to relieve some discomfort
maybe some irritation and that could be
the the sign for me in Pixies case that
lets me know that she’s having a problem
so I have been noticing a lot of that
recently and since pixie has been on
antibiotics twice already she’ll be five
years old in June and she’s already had
two UTIs so she’s been on antibiotics
twice already and I do not want to give
her antibiotics any more than I have to
so I did a little research and I found
that the diet which makes a lot of sense
but diets that you get for your dog
about to process foods you know are
really not necessarily good for urinary
health in dogs so what will happen is
they’ll start growing crystals and those
crystals will irritate the bladder the
urinary tract and that irritation will
cause a UTI this made a lot of sense to
me because when pixie was younger and
for about the first year and a half
life I actually I made her food so those
all homemade recipes fresh all you know
organic and I portioned it out for the
week I had Sunday cooking day portioned
out all her meals for the week put them
in the freezer and then heated them up
for her meal time she loved it of course
because it was homemade but also she
didn’t have any kind of health issues
until I switched to store-bought
processed kibby’s so the label just went
off and I decided to start making her
food again I looked up recipes of the
different kinds of foods that are
healthy specifically good for canine
bladder and urinary tract and I found a
couple things I’m gonna share with you
number one pet protein
dogs are not super designed to digest
different kinds of grains and a lot of
fillers that are in processed foods and
they need a lot more protein to balance
out their ph in their urine
okay that made perfect sense and rice
that’s all good too so now she’s on a
strict like chicken beef and rice diet
the other thing that i’m doing is i
found this great tip online to get her
to drink more water
because that will help flush out
everything as well to get her to drink
more water
I made some beef stock and I also bought
some chicken broth and I am essentially
giving her the chicken and the rice for
her meals completely coated in the
chicken broth of the beef stock so she’s
essentially getting soup she’s looking
at least two then it’s like she’s
getting all her food but she is getting
a lot more liquid in it as well so that
should help her flush everything out so
the last thing which is a little more
iffy territory you definitely want to
talk to your vet and do your own
research before you decide to move
forward with this I felt it was right
for her because I noticed a lot of
licking is these cranberry tablets that
you would get for yourself if you
weren’t having a UTI so I just got at
the Walgreens
but everyone knows that a zou capsules
or tablets or whichever one you like and
Pixies 12 pounds so if I figure a
surveying for an adult is 120 pounds
just divide it all by ten it’s a pretty
easy math and I cut it up into little
even pieces and I put a little piece in
her food twice a day so it’s breakfast
and dinner she’ll get a little piece of
the cranberry in her food and that I
started yesterday and it already seems
to be helping a little bit she’s
urinating a little more easier I feel
like even though she wasn’t acting
uncomfortable or whimpering she would
delay going potty a little bit longer
then would be usual so that was
definitely um concerning behavior and
now she seems to be going a lot easier
the cranberry and the new diet probably
without more liquids in her system as
well so I will keep you abreast of the
situation if she doesn’t improve or
continue to improve over the next few
days I’ll definitely be taking her back
into the vet and she’ll probably have to
go back on the antibiotic so hopefully I
caught this early enough to avoid that
if you’re already having problems with
your dog where you’re seeing blood or
whimpering and all those behaviors that
are really concerning definitely go
right to the vet don’t waste any time
because the infection could get worse
there could be bladder stones in there
that could be too large to pass there
could be all kinds of things going on
that you don’t want to you don’t want to
risk it you don’t want to play with but
if it’s very early science that you’re
noticing just little things you might
not be at that point yet so don’t rush
to use the antibiotics just in case it’s
not necessary right now again if you’re
seeing blood or any majorly concerning
signs or right here of that but if your
dog has a propensity for UTIs or bladder
infections or you just are noticing
maybe they’re not drinking as much and
it’s making you nervous maybe you want
to try adding some broth or stock to
their food
so they’re getting more liquids a little
trick to just kind of sneak that into
them and the cranberry tablets talk to
your bed as well but it’s been known to
work in the extract cranberry juice even
though I don’t think I don’t think I
could get any time to drink that hundred
percent cranberry juice I can’t even
drink it so yeah absolutely try some of
these tips if you think it’ll work for
you if you’re beyond that point go right
to the vets and I wish you and your
animals excellent health and good luck
with any kind of UTIs you’re
experiencing and I hope you’re sending
me the same because pixie could use it
right now poor baby okay I will see you
next time on pet shop
thanks so much oh and don’t forget to
subscribe to my youtube channel lots of
videos of fun stuff and great tips
coming out so definitely subscribe okay
thanks we’ll see you later

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The best dog food for urinary health is made of natural ingredients. Avoid any food that contains artificial coloring, flavors, or preservatives. These ingredients can cause irritation to the urinary tract and interfere with the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. There are also a number of foods that contain high amounts of carbohydrates and are not recommended for animals that are on a diet.

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Last update on 2021-04-18 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate a Simply Philosophy team earns from qualifying purchases.