Better Way Eco Fresh Clumping Cat Litter (formerly Better Way Flushable Cat Litter), 12lb bag

Rufus & Coco WeeKitty | Natural Flushable Clumping Cat Litter | Low Tracking Biodegradable Pellets | Corn 8.8lbs bag

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Better Way Eco Fresh Clumping Flushable Cat Litter, 12lb bag

Rufus & Coco WeeKitty Natural Flushable Clumping Cat Litter

K KAMY’S ZOO I AM TOFU Natural Flushable Extra Clumping Pellet Litter

Better Way

Rufus & Coco


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Better Way Eco Fresh Clumping Cat Litter (formerly Better Way Flushable Cat Litter), 12lb bag

Better Way Eco Fresh Clumping Flushable Cat Litter, 12lb bag

Better Way

Prime Benefits


Rufus & Coco WeeKitty | Natural Flushable Clumping Cat Litter | Low Tracking Biodegradable Pellets | Corn 8.8lbs bag

Rufus & Coco WeeKitty Natural Flushable Clumping Cat Litter

Rufus & Coco

Prime Benefits


K KAMY'S ZOO I AM TOFU - Tofu Cat Litter, Natural Flushable Extra Clumping Pellet Litter, 6lb (Original)

K KAMY’S ZOO I AM TOFU Natural Flushable Extra Clumping Pellet Litter


Prime Benefits


Trying Out World’s Best Flushable Cat Litter

Video Review

Video Transcript

hi my name is Ashley rice and welcome to
my youtube channel okay you guys I have
another kitty litter review for you it’s
been forever in a day since I’ve done
the last one and I’ve been kind of
searching around for which one I want to
try out next and I finally found it but
really quickly a lot of you were really
curious as to what cat litter I was
using before I tried pretty litter so I
figured I would talk about that in this
video so that way I can answer that
ahead of time right now we are using
fresh step multi cat and so far I mean
it’s not a bad cat litter it’s it’s good
it’s just not amazing or anything like
some pros is that the dust level is
extremely low the only time you really
really notice it is whenever it’s been a
while since we’ve cleaned out like the
cat litter box itself not just like the
cat litter but like taking the cat
litter out dumped out the old stuff put
in new stuff after cleaning out the cat
litter but other than that the dust
level is really not that bad for us our
cats also enjoy it it basically does the
job it has an amazing rewards program
that I actually really really like and
basically you get this coat on each box
and then you input it into this app on
your phone and then you can save up
enough points to get like a free bag
which i think is awesome or I should say
box because that’s another thing I like
about it is it comes in a box which is
recyclable which i think is great some
of the things we’re not liking about it
is it’s really heavy and granted the
thing we got today I don’t know if it’s
heavier if it’s just heavy cuz I got a
big bag of it we’ll kind of see as I
look more into it but definitely my
husband who mostly does the cat litter
he talks about how heavy it can be all
the time so that’s something we don’t
necessarily like there is also like a
big cloud of dust that comes out when
you’re first pouring it in but that’s
really the only time we notice it but we
figured it’s time to kind of play around
with something else and one of the
things that I saw when I was scrolling
through Facebook one day was this cat
litter right here and we got oh a huge
bag of it we got two huge bags of it
because we’re gonna be trying it out for
a bit here and that is this world’s best
cat litter and I figured we’d be the
judge of that and we let you know if it
is the world’s best or not just because
that’s a pretty big claim there but we
got two huge bags of it
a few different options that you can
look at on their website which I will
link down below in the description box
if you want to check it out we decided
to go with the long lasting performance
and I think this is the lavender yeah
lavender scented multi cat one I have
noticed in the stores near me that they
have smaller bags however we like to
stock up on our cat litter so we got two
of the big giant guys to try out also
cuz we’re pretty sure a good chunk of
this bag will go into just filling up
the cat litter box because we have kind
of a bigger one we have two cats there
cutie I’ll see if I can get them on the
video in fact there’s like one chillin
right there he’s such a cutie but I just
thought this would be really really
interesting to try out I’ve heard some
really great things about it and I was
intrigued by the fact that it says the
world’s best cat litter we’ll see one
thing I’m instantly not liking about it
is that it does come in this giant
plastic bag I wish it came in the box
kind of like my old cat litter did I
just hope that’s something they’re
looking forward to with their future
updates with their products but this is
100% natural which I really really
enjoyed it is made from whole kernel
corn and it’s completely renewable which
i think is really really important it
has 28 pounds in here a cat litter it is
quick clumping outstanding odor control
and is 99% dust free I like that they
say 99% dust for you because like there
are not a lot of things that are
completely dust free out there for cat
litter so like I hate when I see you
like absolutely dust free and then you
try it out and you’re like there’s dust
in here this is stupid
it has been tested and proven that it is
a flushable septic safe
cat litter so if you would prefer to
just flush this you could but it does
have that right there
world’s best cat litter is the only
litter that uses naturally observant
whole kernel corn to offer outstanding
order control quick clumping and easy
scooping our formulas are 99% dust free
and deliver the concentrated power of
corn to ensure long-lasting performance
finally the 100% natural solution that
truly works guaranteed or your money
back I’ve already noticed a few times
moving this around but the lavender
smell is pretty strong and the reason
that we picked lavender is because my
husband and I both love the smell I find
that it does help a little bit with my
anxiety so I thought why not try it they
do have some other ones if you’re not
wetting lavender
lavender gives you a headache because I
know that happens to some people oh
that’s very cool they support cat
adoption and shelters but the give
litter I wish they told you a little bit
more about that because I’m curious to
know more about like how they partner up
with them so how long does one bag last
if you have two cats it says one of
these bags will last 60 days which is
pretty good
usually when we bought cat litter we’d
buy two boxes and it would last us a
good chunk one and a half to two months
I would say totally roughly guessing I
didn’t keep track if you have three cats
it says 45 days and if you have four
cats it says 30 days I don’t think we’ve
done scented cat litter before so I’ll
be interested to see how our cats react
to it obviously if they’re not reacting
well we’re just gonna pull it out and
I’m gonna end the video there but I
don’t think they will just because we do
essential oils and we have lavender
scented things all the time and cats
have never reacted toilets that so the
instructions this should be pretty basic
this will be weird if it’s different
simply for 2 to 3 inches of world’s best
cat litter into a clean dry litter box
for best results do not mix with a non
clumping litter very important after
your cat house use the litter box simply
scoop the clump for good hygiene you
should remove all clumps and solid waste
daily maintain two to three inches of
cat litter in the litter box at all
times for long-lasting odor control and
then they do have some like
recommendations so some cats don’t react
well to instantly changing out their cat
litter so you might want to just slowly
transition them to this by doing like
certain amounts of it like throw a
little bit of this in there and then as
the other one is continuing to go you
just eventually get to this hole one
slowly but for the actual price of this
guy it really varies on where you’re
buying it from for this we went to kind
of a higher end place but in the future
for we’re gonna buy this we buy it off a
chewy calm so I’m just going to say that
price for you guys right now
so as of right now they have a sale
where it is $27.99
but it looks like the original price is
thirty two point forty nine and that’s
for the 28 pound bag and if you do auto
shipping which is probably what we’ll
end up doing it is $26 and 15 cents so
just to give you a rough idea of how
much all this costs but now we’re gonna
move on to a different day where I start
trying this guy out and I am going to
try it out for at least two weeks to let
you know my thoughts about it if our
cats are reacting to it in any way if
they’re liking
if they’re not whatever they’re doing
I’ll let you know they’re also how its
tracking because right now our cat
litter is tracking so badly like really
really badly most of its not even going
on the mat that we bought it’s it’s
really really bad so I’m excited to see
if maybe this tracks just a little bit
less so let’s head over to the next day
okay guys it’s time to finally swap out
the cat litter so we just cleaned out
our litter box and then I’m gonna put
this in the cats are gonna probably come
and check it out as well so I wanted to
show you that a little bit and also
doing this in my kitchen which is not
normally where we have the cat litter is
just a wide-open space that I could use
and that it wouldn’t get everywhere and
be hard to vacuum out other looks a lot
different than what I thought it was
so I’m not saying a little bit of dust
when I’m pouring this out but not like a
huge huge amount and it’s going away
pretty quickly but it is definitely
coating my hands as you guys can see but
I’m not like seeing much dust as it’s
coming out I will say this texturing is
quite a bit different than the average
cat litter that we’ve used in the past
more of your like generic brands this is
a little bit different but so far I’m
pleasantly surprised by the dust factor
because normally when I pour a whole
bunch of cat litter in what happens is
there’s this cloud of dust everywhere
but this it was like a little bit of
dust and then it went away and hopefully
you guys could see that as I was pouring
it in and even now like sometimes I
would do something like this
and you’d see a huge cloud of dust again
and like I’m not really getting much oh
I’m just gonna leave this here for a
little bit and see if her cats start to
get interested in it
okay guys so update it’s late at night
and so we brought it back up here just
because this is where they go to the
bathroom but we just recently fed them
late night so we’ll see if one of them
uses it before we go to bed otherwise I
will check it tomorrow and see if they
have used it or not but definitely with
this one they are a little bit more
hesitant about it and granted we didn’t
do a slow transition that is sometimes
recommended and that’s only because when
we got new cat litter
previously we never had an issue but so
basically we’re gonna keep it here and
see if one of the keys it gets
interested and uses it okay guys
Mercutio just went to the bathroom and
that’s basically all that he just went
pee didn’t do a very good job for ever
yeah but there it is all clumped up I
don’t know if I notice anything super
different with clumping I mean maybe
it’s using less because I feel like
usually his pee takes up a lot more it’s
usually like giant puddles so i think
tim holtz problem is that this is a
lighter-weight cat litter and he’s a
heavy kitty so he must be sinking deep
into it so that’s probably why he is
having a hard time with the new one okay
yes but now I want to do the flush test
with his pee so I’m just gonna go ahead
and do that and we’re gonna show to you
these were recently installed toilets so
there’s nothing wrong with the toilet I
really don’t think this is gonna be
super eventful but I guess we’ll see
don’t do that apparently a that’s a bad
but here we go
yeah I mean I went down pretty smoothly
of course I’m gonna have to clean that
off I would probably take the seat up
whenever you’re doing this that’s a
smart idea
so overall first day impressions I love
this smell I think this smell is really
really great
I am definitely noticing some
hesitations with our cats so I think
this is really gonna depend on also is
it a day like it or not because there is
that like Phil ninis that they’re not
used to and like Lola said like one of
our cats is a pretty heavy cat because
of his size that also weight stuff and I
have noticed that they both do sink in
so even though it’s a lightweight and it
was great carrying up the stairs I mean
little said it barely weighed anything I
love the fact that it’s flushable I
think that’s great because then we
aren’t having to like carry stuff
outside all the time which would be
awesome but really we’re just gonna have
to see how our cats get used to it I
mean mercutio starting to do it but he
doesn’t weigh as much as Tibble it does
so we’ll see if Tibble it warms up to it
I’ll come back in the next few days give
you a like an update of how it’s going
how it’s working if we’re noticing
anything weird about it I’m also loving
the amount of dust I’m not really
noticing a ton of it at all which is
great a lot better than pretty litter by
far and also just a lot better than I
think our last one was like that one was
pretty dust free but there were still
moments when it flared up but this so
far has been really nice but we just put
it in so I’m not expecting a lot of dust
issues right now anyways okay guys it is
the I’m going to say the fourth full day
so we started using this cat litter on
Sunday and is now Thursday and I want to
give you kind of an update so I’m gonna
show you really quick what our cat
litter looks like we have not touched it
since I think mid day yesterday
just because I wanted to like see if her
cats are using it or not so let’s go
take a look okay so this is all we have
today I will say one of our cats I took
a more really was a really really long
time to get acclimated to this one so
this is definitely a cat litter I think
would be best to slowly transition I
slowly transitioning your cats offer
with cat-lair is a better idea but we
were really worried for a while because
we weren’t finding poop anywhere but we
weren’t seeing as much in this we’re
really nervous that both of our cats are
not using it but now I think both of
them are I think it just took them a
little while to like get used to it but
one of the things I noticed is if you
don’t pull the pee out really quickly it
doesn’t crumble like it did when I
showed you last time so instead it’s
gonna look like this have someone to
show you how much traction we’ve been
giving or like how much if it’s been
falling out and honestly this is not as
bad as our cat last cat litter but so
far so good they’re both getting used to
it we’ve not had any problems with them
after a few days of getting used to a
different type of cat litter there are
definitely things that we are loving
about it so far the smell is 10 times
better also I noticed dust has been even
better than our last one but definitely
100% better than pretty litter if you’ve
seen that video so that’s been like a
huge plus but like even in the hallway
outside of our bathroom we can smell the
lavender so the smell is strong for
people who cannot stand strong smells
you would not want to get this type of
the best cat litter so so far I’m liking
it we’ll continue to use it see how the
cats continue to react to it if anything
weird happens we’ll start looking you
know if we start having plumbing
problems what we shouldn’t it’s just you
know cat pee and poop and then basically
corn is what we’re flushing down the
toilet but I definitely have noticed
it’s using a lot less cat litter than
the calender that we had previously the
fresh pause one minute it’s using way
less cat litter than that one
so like already like this was roughly
the same price as that wasn’t per like
month of how much cat litter we had to
buy and we’re using way less of it so
this will also probably last us a bit
longer – which is nice ok guys today is
roughly a week and a half after we have
put this in it is now Wednesday so we
put it in not this last Sunday but the
Sunday before and honestly guys this is
working out pretty well it’s not using
up much cat litter at all so honestly
this is lasting or really long
time which is super nice the one thing
my husband is not liking as much is that
when you scoop up the cat litter
it doesn’t necessarily fall through it
as nicely as some of the other cat
litters do it still does but you have to
kind of go like this if you want to all
to go through just because it is a
lighter cat litter personally that
doesn’t bother me because I’m used to
doing that all the time like that’s how
I’ve always done cat litter
but however attraction is so much better
than fresh set what are you doing I
don’t know he’s still doing this a
little bit where it’s like the the
texturing on his paws I don’t think he’s
liking it looks like the one thing but
he still uses it and he uses it way more
and doesn’t have like a problem with it
all outside of like he does scrape a
little bit more but he did that
beforehand too so that’s not extremely
abnormal it’s just a little more
frequent I would say but overall guys I
think this has been working out really
really nicely both our cats are using it
on a normal basis so there’s no
weirdness with it anymore and I love the
fact that it’s flushable I love the fact
that it’s lasting a really long time
which is super nice the smell is still
pretty good it is starting to smell a
little bit more barnyard ish but not
like really and we haven’t been
refreshing it or topping off the cat
litter as much as we should be so that
might be why so I’ll let you know if
that changes and although but so far I’m
still really liking and I think this is
a really really great cat litter so so
far so good you guys will continue to
use it and let you know if we have any
updates ok guys today is the last day of
updates and has actually been roughly
like a month and a half since the last
update and some of that’s because we got
really really busy but also I wanted to
like have this for longer to see how the
smell would act how the dust when
factored in as I got older because
that’s sometimes when I noticed cat
litter getting really really dusty as
its getting older so I figured I’d wait
a little while so I could give you those
updates as well one thing I realized
though is that I never showed you what
it looks like when it was all in the
toilet I only show
there was like the tiniest little bit in
the toilet and guys I will say it looks
absolutely disgusting I will let you
know when that’s coming up so that it’s
like that’s a little bit too much for
you you can skip past it but it kind of
looks like diarrhea how can I do but
it’s not um but our toilet has been able
to hold up to the amount that we’re
putting down the toilet which you’ll see
soon and we have not had any plumbing
problems at all
so plumbing wise has been absolutely
great so this is some of it here um we
did not clean this up last night which
is usually when we do it so this is a
little bit grosser than it normally is
but this was kind of what it looks like
after you know it’s been used for a
while but I’m gonna go ahead put this
all in the toilet and then show you the
thing so if you’re squeamish and you
don’t want to see this just skip past a
chunk I’m sure you won’t miss anything
okay guys here’s the girls in this this
actually isn’t as bad as some days some
days it’s like piling up but you’ll
notice like it all kind of dissolves all
the like pee kind of dissolves and it
flushes really smoothly can sometimes
take a couple of flushes before it’s
really good to go okay guys so here are
our final thoughts on everything um do
you want to start since you’ve you’ve
really been the one who’s like tackled
it the most yeah the kay litter is
generally one of my chores so I’m the
one who’s been doing more of the
scooping and the main complaint I have
about it is that it’s just too light to
sink through the scoop as I lift it out
so I kind of have to like sift it back
and forth as I go which counter point I
always do that with every single cat
litter so for me that’s not a weird
thing like that’s just normal so I think
it depends on what you’re used to the
other thing I don’t like as much is when
we were sort of between bags trying to
side whether you’re gonna film or not
right away before opening the new bag
we’d let it go a little bit without
adding new kitty litter and at that
point the smell got really bad like
barnyard smell and I wasn’t a big fan of
that however when we started adding the
new kitty litter back in again the smell
has gone down drastically yeah so so
long as your
always making sure it’s there’s fresh
cat litter in there and that like you’re
not holding on to the old bag too long
and you like fill it up with a new bag
right away like the smell continues to
be that Pleasant lavender I wish they
had some way that the bag could be
resealed hmm
because the open bag from the first one
definitely lost a lot of lavender smell
over tossed Ram you got to find some way
to close it up and seal it up like use
just kind of a dedicated chip clip or
something for it or who you have an old
bin from a different kitty litter brand
you’re using that you can pour it into
our cats are having a standoff right now
I’m sorry so one thing I don’t know if
Ashley mentioned this earlier but one
thing I realized with the name of it
world’s best kitty litter is it’s not
just them bragging it’s them being kind
of tongue-in-cheek
because it’s an eco-friendly kitty
litter so it’s the world’s best kitty
litter yeah I would agree the smell guys
I got really really really bad before we
moved on to the second bag and even then
like we had gone a little bit before
filling it up with like fresh fresh
litter that the likes farmy smell
lingered for a while one of the things
that I am really really loving about it
is actually flushing it down the toilet
it just saves so much time and energy
and like plastic bags that we would have
to like be putting all of it in and I
just think it works so much nicer than
storing it all in there because that
usually makes the bathroom smell really
bad too so I’ve been really really
enjoying that factor I’ve been loving
the lavender smell I think it’s really
really nice
the cats are completely used to it at
this point mercutio still does the
bellick at the wall thing yeah which I
so I’m a little worried he still is not
a fan of the film enos that’s like my
one concern however it like hasn’t
stopped him from going to the bathroom
at all like he’s been the one who’s been
willing to go to the bathroom since the
beginning but he still does do that so
that’s one thing I’ve noticed however
it’s also made it so that he’s not
playing in the cat litter anymore which
is really yeah but big
and do we think we’re gonna use this
kitty litter anymore once we finish this
baby we have actually not talked about
this so this is gonna be the first time
we’ve heard each other’s opinions we
just haven’t had time to talk about it
I’m gonna have you go first because
you’re the one who deals with it the
most and I only deal with it
occasionally so I’m kind of having mixed
thoughts on it on the one hand it is
nice not to have to do the plastic bag
every couple of months or every month or
two it’s nice to be able to do it
directly into the toilet and everything
on the other hand some of like the
practical things of not being able to
sift it is kind of a big deal for me so
I guess I guess where I’m kind of
landing on it is that I’m hoping a
couple more brands or a couple more
types from this brand kind of deal with
that or a couple of the other things
that I have problems with just so that
we can have an eco-friendly one that
works as well in some of the areas I
care about that being said like the
eco-friendly thing is a big enough thing
for me I’m kind of willing to deal with
it for right now
depending on what your thoughts are yeah
all right compared to Lee which one do
you like better a fresh stuff which is
the one we’re using beforehand or do you
like this one it’s it’s a toss-up it’s
different things that I like about them
but I think having an eco-friendly
version kind of weighs it out for me
towards the world’s best okay one thing
we didn’t mention was dust
now I haven’t noticed much if any dust
except for when you first open the bag
and you’re pouring it in yeah yeah I
wasn’t noticing a ton of dust even when
it got really bad from the first bag
before opening the second one like it
was more like smaller granules were
still in the bin so I think we might
have to change out the overall bin maybe
a little more often than we did with the
fresh step just because the dust from it
might just stay in there and continue to
be building up personally I like this
one better than fresh step because of
the eco friendly factor the smell and to
me there’s way less dust than there was
with fresh stuff not like fresh step hat
to dust but there were times when it
would really flare up and I could like
breathe it in like I could feel it on my
mouth sort of whereas I’ve never had
that with this cat litter and the nice
thing about it being what is it corn
thanks yeah as opposed to more clay
based type thing is that even if you
accidentally get a little bit into your
system your system can handle corn a
little better than clay yeah so it may
be that even when there is dust it’s not
hitting you as hard but for people where
dust is like a serious issue I I
definitely not noticed as much dust with
this the one time I noticed it I
mentioned it in the video right away and
then it kind of went away so I haven’t
really noticed it but there is that
coating over all of it so you know I
don’t know how that factors in but I
would definitely say personally I would
like to keep using this one especially
because the price is pretty comparable
and I feel like this one lasts longer
than fresh stuff did because it doesn’t
use as much cat litter and also like
with the poop it doesn’t really attach
any of the like chunks it mostly that
does not the dusty stuff but that filmy
covering stuff just covers the poop and
so cat litter doesn’t come with it so
it’s a little dusty bits and some of the
smell prevention that’s already gets
onto the poop exactly so I would say
overall I like this one better than
fresh step however it’s not my favorite
I don’t think I’d consider it the
world’s best either like for the world
yes but like the world’s best cat litter
out there I don’t know about and I do
know there’s a few other eco-friendly
brands out there that I definitely want
to check out as well so after a while
I’ll probably try out another one of
those if you guys have any
recommendations for eco-friendly ones to
check out totally leave those in the
comments below I’d love to check those
out first
I’ve already had someone recommend one
that I’m currently looking into so I
think that’s it for today’s video guys
let me know in the comments below if I
didn’t answer any of your questions or
they’re just some things that you’re
still wondering about I would love to
answer those as well we’re gonna keep
using this for a while so I’ll be able
to answer those questions a little bit
better than maybe I was able to with
pretty litter just because it was
something I didn’t
you use anymore also let me know if
you’ve tried this cat litter they have a
few different types so let me know which
one you used and what you thought of it
as well but other than that if you are
new to my channel I would absolutely
love it if you would subscribe and click
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my channel actually does focus mostly
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this is something that I do want to keep
going on my channel however those just
aren’t going to be able to come out on a
regular basis because I want to make
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World's Best Cat Litter, Clumping Litter Formula for Multiple Cats, 28-Pounds

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World’s Best Cat Litter, Clumping Litter Formula for Multiple Cats, 28-Pounds

  • OUTSTANDING ODOR CONTROL — More cats shouldn’t mean more smells — keep your cats happy with a natural litter with long-lasting odor control.
  • QUICK CLUMPING & EASY SCOOPING — Multiple cats can most often mean more clean up — but not with this fast-acting natural litter that requires no chiseling or scraping.
  • FLUSHABLE* – SEPTIC SAFE — Skip the trip to the trash with a lightweight litter that’s Tested and proven flushable* and safe for septic and sewer systems!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & 99% DUST FREE — Naturally free of silica dust, this lightweight cat litter offers low tracking and less mess — so you and your cats can breathe easy.
  • PET, PEOPLE & PLANET FRIENDLY — A naturally safe litter made from whole-kernel corn that offers no harmful chemicals and no artificial perfumes.

The best way to ensure your pet is well cared for is by providing them with the best flushable litter available. When it comes to what these products are and how they work, read on for a look at all the details. Most people aren’t aware of these facts, so it’s important to get to know them before deciding on which cat product you would like to use for your cat. Once you have done so, you’ll be more confident when it comes time to wash up.

There are many different types of products on the market. Some of them are designed specifically for cats, while others are just intended to help humans with their cats. Cat owners have different reasons for purchasing these products, but they are very important to them. Let’s take a look at the top three reasons why so many people use these products.

The first reason why people use these products for their cat is to make sure they have clean, fresh litter everyday. In most cases, the litter in our homes has been used for years and has either broken down over the years or is full of bacteria that make the cat sick. With the proper type of litter, they can keep their kitty healthy and they will enjoy having a clean, fresh cat litter available to them every single day.

The second reason is for the cat lover who works long hours and doesn’t want to waste valuable time washing out their car. These products are often extremely absorbent and do not leave any waste behind. Therefore, their cat can be cleaned up quickly and without wasting any time doing so.

Finally, if you are considering buying a new cat for the home, this is a great idea because the cat may be allergic to some cat litter products. Therefore, if you are using the product in the wrong type of litter, it may cause an allergic reaction in your cat and could even result in death.

The best flushable cat litter is one that keeps your pet from being sick or causing problems in the house. Make sure you know which kind of litter is best for your cat and the environment in which you live in.

The best way to find the best flushable cat litter for your cat is to buy it online and read as many reviews as possible. You should be able to find a product that you can trust and that you think will work well in your home.

You should also consider the fact that a lot of pet owners swear by the products they have purchased and they have enjoyed using them for years. That’s how much they like these products.

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Last update on 2020-08-13 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate a Simply Philosophy team earns from qualifying purchases.