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How To Choose A Tailgating Generator?

Video Review

Video Transcript

what’s up everybody it’s Michael with
the tailgate guide comm and I have to
excuse the mess we’re in the tailgate
lab today also known as our garage and
you can kind of see it’s a little bit of
a mess and my wife’s probably going to
kill me for showing you all this but
today real quick I wanted to do a
product review of the generator that we
use at all of our tailgates okay now
some of you might be asking what you
need a generator for to tailgate
well I’m gonna kind of show you what we
use it for and just some quick bells and
whistles on the one that we use and
where you can buy it really easy and
then let you guys make a decision we’ll
review some more generators as we come
across them and we’ll compare features
and I just want to let you know you know
what let you decide what works best for
you alright let’s check it out so what
we use is the Honda EU 2000 I you can
get them at pretty much any hardware
store and I’ll show you what what’s
currently going for on Amazon right now
and where else you can buy them but
first let’s go over a couple of the
features of the of the generator so one
of the things that I like best about
this generator the things that we use
them for are to run our TV is we’ve got
to have TV at the tailgate we can run
things like the wireless stereo which
you know you can have plugged in or you
can run on a battery for a couple hours
and then one of my favorite things that
we use that I’ll review in a separate
video is my new wave cooktop okay I use
that for a lot of the breakfast foods
and anything that we need to heat up
it’s kind of a pain in the butt to grill
on the on the grill so the cool thing
about this this particular unit is
because it’s rated for 2,000 watts it
will actually run a bunch of stuff at
the same time so we can run the TV the
stereo one of these cooktops have a
multi plug with
multiple multiple cell phones plugged in
and we’re doing fine the other thing
that’s cool you see it’s got two outlets
here show you’re right there so you got
two outlets and the other cool thing if
you see this Eco throttle button right
now I don’t you can see that what
that’ll do is once you get everything up
and running get the generator started
which I’ll show you in a second it’ll
actually save on the gas and off to ask
Scott at our tailgate in a different
video he’s kind of our audio-visual guy
I’ll talk to him about how long a tank
of gas lasts so you kind of have an idea
of when you’re trying to decide which
generator that you want to use okay so
I’m gonna do next I’m gonna show you how
easy it is to start up and I’m actually
gonna get my iPad here I’m gonna run a
decibel tests on it just to see if what
the manufacturer says is how loud it is
is actually how loud it is because
that’s really the main thing is how many
watts you need so what are you gonna be
running at the tailgate and then how
loud is it because obviously you’re
outside there’s going to be a lot of
people there and you don’t want a big
loud generator where you’ve got to move
it way far away from everybody this
makes it a lot easier alright so I set
the camera down here and show you how to
start it up super easy all right so the
first thing I’ll do is when you start
the generator out those choke lever
right here you just flip it forwards
okay and then we turn the engine from
off it’s on and then one pole
I hope you can hear that that
volume drops a lot okay next thing we do
test decibel up
all right so right now the reading is
showing you’ll see that
showed about seventy six point five to
eighty eighty-five mess when we talking
it’s average loud singing we’re in a
garage too so it’s probably a little bit
of bounce back that just kind of gives
you an idea of how loud it is
we’re talking right around 100 is what
the decibel level is okay so anywhere
between 80 and 100 decibels is what
we’re looking at for
loudness factor
just keep that in mind
reading manufacturers settings
what they claim why
perfect soundproofing
they’re real world what we hear every
still an awesome awesome generator
really easy to carry around I guess it
probably weighs about 40 50 pounds when
it’s fully loaded I’m full of gas and
right now show you looks like and we’ll
put a link on here to where the cheapest
we’ll try to keep it updated to where
the most inexpensive place you can buy
this but today looks like on Amazon
there’s a couple different sellers that
have good discounts where if you’re a
Prime member you can’t no it’s kind of
hard to see you can actually get one of
these for $9.99 with Free Shipping
that’s pretty good you know we’ll be
looking around because we’re going to be
price testing and price checking all
these things and we’ll have it on links
on the site very soon to show you where
the most inexpensive ways to purchase
all of your tailgating stuff including
this generator but right now this is the
one that we recommend because this is
the one that we’re using we have a
different one that we use for Road games
that I’ll test as the season comes and
then we’ll be checking pricing and
performance of some other ones as well
but right now that’s all I got for today
appreciate you coming by to watch the
tailgate guide calm again I’m Michael
and we’ll see you again soon have a
great day

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WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator, CARB Compliant

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If you are throwing a party or tailgating at a football game, then you know how great having the best generator for tailgating can be. Having one of these generators will make it so that you can enjoy all of the great activities you want without having to worry about using the electrical system. There are plenty of generators that you can choose from. Here are some tips that can help you find the best generator for tailgating.

Generators are especially great for tailgating because of their lightweight design! Also, get the most use out of your tailgate party by powering everything with an onsite generator. Inverter generators are much lighter and quiet, and are also more powerful than their standard counterparts! Because they only produce enough power for the electronics being plugged into them, they’re even quieter and more efficient than traditional generators!

When you go to purchase one, make sure you buy the one that is going to fit your needs. First of all, you need to figure out the number of people that are coming to watch you play, and the number of TVs that you want to hook up to the system. Next, you need to figure out the amount of electricity you will need to run all of your equipment. It will depend on the number of devices you have hooked up, but you can expect to need approximately 500 watts of energy to run your entire setup. Remember that you will also need to take into consideration the battery pack you purchase. This is used to charge the generator as well as to keep it running!

If you do decide to purchase the generator from a dealer, it’s always a good idea to do some research before making a purchase. You can look online at some websites that sell them to see what other people think of the generators that they are selling. If you happen to see one that looks good, but does not have all the features that you want in it, don’t hesitate to email or call the person who sold it to see if they can help you with the customization process or parts replacement. A lot of the times, companies that sell generators will allow you to customize your own the parts to your liking, or design your own.

Once you have decided which generators will work best for your needs, then it’s time to decide what style you want. For example, some generators have a gasoline engine that burns propane gas. Others use an electricity source. There are also other generators that are completely off the grid and run on solar.

It will also pay to know that you can change the fuel source for your generator, so that you never have to worry about running out! That being said, if you are only throwing a small party, then you don’t really need a huge generator to run everything. If you are throwing an event where there are a lot of people to run, then you can definitely afford a monster. Just make sure that you get the largest generator that you need, and get a big one with a lot of horsepower.

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Last update on 2021-01-25 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate a Simply Philosophy team earns from qualifying purchases.