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Sojoy Heated Seat Cover Review

Video Review

Video Transcript

what’s going on guys – today I have a
product review and this is of the so joy
heat it seat so this is the cover here
inside the car fits really nice it’s
nice and soft – its cushioning now on
the backside of it it’s got this like
nice rubbery texture which prevents it
from sliding around at all so it holds
nice and firm when you’re getting in and
out of the car now we’ve got two straps
up front just like this one on this side
and one over there on that side and all
this is going to do is go right down
here on your bar and clip in it’s as
easy as that now putting the top and the
bottom portion on is easy as well
because right on top we just have this
little clip that you can latch and then
pull the tighten and then the same thing
down for back here
just put it in clip it and pull it tight
okay so now that we’re inside the car I
can I’ll show you how the rest of this
operates we’ve got this piece here we’ve
also got this which connects it and this
is this is pretty long you know this is
actually a good cable so realistically
if somebody in your backseat even wanted
to have one of these on you could
probably put one right in the backseat
now grant it there would be a different
method to hooking it up especially for
this kind of a car but if you’re someone
that has like you know standard you know
rear seats that actually have the
headrests and everything you know you
could put one of these in that back seat
and then have the ability to run this
cable up front to you know actually plug
it in and have it for the back as well
so let’s take a closer look at this now
and I’ll show you guys how it works and
I’ll also let you know my opinion on the
product so first things first I’m going
to go ahead and free up my space down
take this in plug it in now it’s already
lit now most ford cars have active power
outlets so if you have this in a Ford
then you’re looking out so I don’t have
to start the car and I’ve already got it
on so this is the remote here as you can
see I’ve got it set to high right now
high is always gonna be your first
setting you can click it again medium
click it again for low now me on that
type of person that I like to keep mine
on high I really like the heat
temperature if it’s gonna be a heated
anything it’s got to be hot now that is
probably gotta be the best thing that I
actually like about this product it’s
like I just said I like it to be hot now
if you buy a heated car seat and you
know you want to keep you warm if you
put it on high you expect the
temperature to be high you want
something that’s going to actually you
know penetrate through your jacket you
know it actually warm you up now this
does have the heating in the back and on
the bottom so you get your butt and your
back pretty hot so even with this vessel
on and a regular shirt underneath within
a minute I still felt the heat coming
through the back portion now like I said
I personally like mine always on high
and I really like the high to be a
really hot temperature and this does a
great job of doing that now I’m not
saying everybody has to have it you know
blasting hot you know like I said there
are the options where you can have it
down on medium or you can have it on low
it’s really your personal preference but
honestly if you’re looking for something
that’s actually going to heat you up and
actually penetrate through the clothing
that you’re wearing during the winter
then personally I would say that I would
recommend this product so remember guys
one key thing don’t just go to your
local store you know I’m not a big
believer in autozone I don’t really care
for advanced auto that’s all kind of
crappy stuff that you buy in those
honestly the stores nowadays they don’t
carry worthy products this is something
that came from Amazon it’s a company
on Amazon and honestly I would rather
order something wait a few days and get
something that’s actually a high quality
product now I will leave a link I’ll
also put a card up here so that way you
guys can go directly to this and order
this product if you’re interested in it
and again me personally I like it I
think that it would be a great fit you
know especially in this car where you
know I don’t have a package it’s just
the it’s just the cloth so I don’t have
the the heated seat package and this so
for this car and for me this actually
works very well you know might not be a
bad idea to put two in here have one in
the driver side and have one over on the
passenger side and as I had mentioned
earlier this is also an option that if
you have an SUV you know a truck
whatever it may be that has back seats
that you know you can actually mount
these onto that have a headrest and you
know a little bit more to be able to do
than what I have here you know then it
wouldn’t be a bad option to actually get
them there too because we all know once
you get heated seat covers the kids want
to sit on them and cook their buttons so
hopefully you guys enjoyed this product
review if you liked it and they’re
personally interested go ahead click the
link I’ll have the link down in the
description or you can go directly to
Amazon and order this product hope you
all have a great day
get this now before it gets too cold out
the apocalypse

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Heated car seats are electronic devices which contain heaters that keep your car seats warm and comfortable when you’re inside your vehicle or even when you’re driving in the winter months. This type of seat cover is made to protect your child while they are still in their car seats as well as to protect the warmth of their seat if you ever have to transport them on an airplane.

This type of seat cover will prevent your child from sweating too much if they’re sitting in a hot vehicle, which can sometimes cause overheating and damage to your seats. The seat cover also keeps them warm because it prevents heat from escaping from their car seats. Many of the seat covers have heating elements which are controlled with a remote control so you can set it according to the temperature in your vehicle.

You’ll also find that this type of car seat cover works for babies, teens, and adults because they allow you to control how cold or warm your baby’s seat is, and how long it takes for your baby’s seat to heat up when you need to use it. The seat cover also has other features that make it ideal for traveling, such as having a removable hood and a storage compartment for pillows.

There are many benefits to purchasing this type of seat cover. For one thing, it allows you to set the temperature in your vehicle in the winter or in the summer so that your baby or teen will be kept safe and comfortable while you’re traveling. It also keeps their seats warm enough to avoid overheating and to prevent them from being uncomfortable or injuring themselves on hot days.

Since many of these car seats are portable, there is no worry about keeping them in the trunk of your car to avoid having them ruined when it rains or snow falls. In fact, many of these seat covers fit easily into any automobile so you can easily bring them with you if you plan on using them a lot.

When buying a heated car seat cover, make sure you look into the different brands so you know what you’re getting before making the final purchase. Most companies sell these types of seats for around $50, but you can often find them cheaper online if you shop around.

Last update on 2020-10-20 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate a Simply Philosophy team earns from qualifying purchases.

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Last update on 2020-10-20 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate a Simply Philosophy team earns from qualifying purchases.