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Scotch laminator tutorial DEMO

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okay so I’ve reflected in the machine
and as you can see the ready light is
one I put it at three mils so you have
this little light here we’re going to
shove it this way and this is out and
hot ooh
so yeah I will say this it took about
seven minutes for this mug to charge up
to get to the ready stage for three mil
and you can hear at home I don’t know
about that and it does have a smell so
you know if you’re worried about that
you might want to turn on fans and so
forth and whatnot
alright for the I’m going to try to move
this out of the shot a little bit so for
the laminating sheet comes like this and
I had a little trouble getting it open
but what happened is it did come up and
from the side easier than trying to pull
it up from that and fYI it was easy to
go ahead and move this because the sides
were not too hot to handle so I know
it’s hard to see clear film but here’s
the piece there and I am going to go
ahead and try this piece I already cut
to the size I wanted to make you know
I’m liking it like it is so they said to
put the edge up against the cold piece
the sealed piece so
and it also said do not trim your pouch
before you laminates I’m gonna try and
it said do not try to laminate only one
side because which we know we don’t want
no extra and knew we didn’t so I’m just
gonna try to see if I can get these in
here that one I like to waste
you know and then of course I want to
see now that I took these can you color
them after after they’ve been laminated
with the alcohol markers or not
so we shall find out what we we will
find out and hopefully these will all
stick down and become pathetic oh I love
these little ducks and they may be too
small so we don’t know we’ll try that
try that little amount see what happens
alright okay now that we have that let’s
see what happens we’re all experimenting
together ladies experimenting okay so
let me go ahead and try now I was hoping
there would be some kind of cling action
if not these little ones might not work
all right so let’s do this bring the
Machine back in next Matt and I’m going
to try to
we shall try we shall give it the good
old college try
mm-hmm I’m just gonna I’m trying to do
it like this I wanted it so bad
thank so it says to put this here
until the machine takes it up children’s
children’s we shall see we shall see and
it’s going through smoothly I’m liking
that it’s going through smoothly I think
got a little issue there but we shall
see it’s alright it’s not taking very
long as you can see it’s just going
going going yeah we got some of the
little ones it is hot I just touched it
it is hot yes so it says we’ll let it
cool for a minute we shall do that
and I’m just going to kind of make it to
the side and we have another one so
these are the two trial once now say
like I was having a hard time trying to
get these other things like sticky but
when I hold it from the side it works
better so we’re just gonna move that
over there again pull this out babies
look sick you know this I prepped with
the Anna Griffin printer and some
crafters candy
I wish they had made these pouches
eight-and-a-half by twelve that way you
could use a 12 by 12 sheet of paper well
you know but another pouch ready to go
the blue lights still ready so oh my
gosh you guys I’m like and I was
watching somebody else’s video and they
said they talked about how the colors
intensified when they laminated and if
you think it didn’t do well enough you
can go back so I’m just gonna go back
and put this over just to see what
happens when you do it a second time
it’s alright we just don’t like this
just for giggles to see if there’s a
difference when you do it twice oh okay
I know I get really happy with my choice
blue and I will say awesome I love it
it cleared it up a little bit more
that’s just fabulous
okay so I will pull this out wait twelve
pulls out for you and then we were in
this video from the demo so it did it
just a little bit more haha okay so that
was my little demo I’m gonna play a
little bit more and I shall see you guys
later if you have any questions you can
let me know and yeah have a good day

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Last update on 2020-10-28 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate a Simply Philosophy team earns from qualifying purchases.