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Adult Slip and Slide

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I have no idea whatever the hell you
guys barking at
it’s a sprinkler there’s no that’s a
sprinkler right have a Sunday I have a
good idea I have a good idea I’m a good
idea I have a good idea since it’s
Sunday and it’s pretty out excited I
think we should slip aside from inside
do something side I’m going do it set it
up please thank you remember a couple
days ago I showed you guys a video of a
fish playing fetch like a dog someone
told me about this video where it’s
basically a cat thing it’s a mama bird
and it feeds baby birds doesn’t eat them
which is kind of crazy and Ali hasn’t
seen it yet all right come on watch this
video this one it’s pretty gnarly it’s
kind of its kind of like the fish one
basically this cat she’s Birds took my
sister’s cat really it kind of does
like throwing up and do you think he’s
gonna eat the Barons buddies on
is that crazy today spitting into the
birds mouth let’s take a real that’s
Alan’s fake for sure I don’t know I
can’t tell Washington again moisten
truth by these funny videos that noise
is making doesn’t even seem now I just
looks like he’s talking to Luke that’s
what birds do
no birds like a but the cat sounds like
a bird that’s the whole point
I think the bird is the cat’s brain
Birds brain head that has a bird brain
now or a bird memory that’s what it’s
that’s what these things are whole or do
they do the cat I think the cat now
actually the bird which sucks cuz the
cat can’t fly
I mean the bird probably actually can
even if it’s fake because a bad cat
should have eaten those birds anyway
guys check it out link in the
description I want you guys go over
there tell me if you guys think it’s
real or fake and then if you guys
actually think it’s real tell me if you
think this is kind of act up to try as
experiment basically brain transferring
I think it’s kind of cool but it’s
pretty messed up if it’s real I don’t
know can’t tell swear Internet there’s
no food in there I think she’s is
dreaming there’s food you got a bird
brain diesel you got a bird brain go
outside there we go roll over
oh god bless you god bless to you
bringing back our childhood I’m so glad
these are plastic now do you remember
them being metal and then going over
them getting chance yeah I’m gonna pull
your board
I know because we got the Waverider one
well here’s the thing
wait why is there only two anchors look
at that where’s my dog food it hasn’t
always been this short see this is
really super slow wait with the hose
things over here apparently that’s all
you need to do is put at the beginning
and look they have covers and everything
for it this is why kids don’t get hurt
nowadays and this is why we got hurt all
the time yeah but look at it
it’s like where’d you get that flip
aside 1987 are just born none those when
you were born that poles not even meant
for you go on your pool this you won’t
stink after this it’s almost like
cleaning you diesel what are you doing
you leave those lizards alone watch this
is gonna be totally uneventful it’s as
high as it goes seriously what it does
is it doing it it’s supposed to spur
definitely spray on the mat
we need to get like some soap look if we
do this it does what’s supposed to do up
snacks this is not even cool this was
probably amazing as a kid though it’s
like watching a TV show or movie we
really loved as a kid as an adult just
never ever ever lives up to a type
well now I told you it doesn’t feel good
leaving the saddest thing I’ve ever
we don’t even make it to the end we will
not give up being a kid at heart it’s
just hitting you like Oh Charles that
was such a sad sad example of how you
ride as it slip inside I can’t figure
out how to make that making her
we really need to get a pool oh that
hurts I don’t know what you’re doing
wrong I don’t know what I’m doing wrong
they missed it I suck at this I would’ve
been that kids I get sent home because I
ruined the simplest life for everybody
oh yeah you got to the end this is truly
a slip and slide fail my grass is
something like I don’t know if that has
anything to do with it but you know what
if it makes you feel better honey that’s
exactly what it is
big risky business I do better than that
yeah I’m a little bit disappointed in
kids toys nowadays kids are supposed to
get hurt so what makes them tough the
load of the girlies that’s what I’ve
been told there’s literally a video I
got a fine of my dad filling my sister
and me learning how to ride a bike and I
was like watching my sister like yeah
most ago in the background you see me go
great into the garage like right I am
I can’t figure out how to Matt not make
it hurt
is there an age limit on these things
after use of children over twelve years
of age or anyone over five feet tall or
anyone over 110 pounds
you can’t do it good god you just want
to do this hey big baby
well just get an adult slip inside which
is a tarp good I did it
I feel better knowing you kill it every
time I think this is your body slender
you fit on thing a blue earth Meg
yeah you kill it every single time like
every time you get to the end I barely
make it halfway
outside doesn’t work we’re trying to
swish it up guys
does the water help unfortunate
circumstances that occur when slippin
slidin in the backyard is the occasional
dog landmine and I think tar has gone
about three underneath his dresser over
that way
we’re like rolling over dock so I think
the girls are done they’re over it
I’m done no more
this sucks
dude all the way Oh better I think we
should do more kid things like this cuz
we did the juggle bubbles then we did
what’s the other thing we try to do
oh this it’s not really a game but hey
kiddie pool
keep it up what are some other kid
things that we should try to do as
adults yeah
is that a worm yeah Oh help the little
guy out
bye-bye were me you’d be surprised I’m
doing a slip and slide how much exercise
and how tiring that actually is I think
my abs hurt too just because I was like
I think I would have so many bruises on
my chest and body tomorrow man no you
are because when you were diving his
chest like all right here was all red to
mine yeah it’s almost like I said his
like I was I was referring sarios I was
actually talking to you guys I’m saying
Charles whose chest is gonna be all
hurtin well I’m sorry whatever but uh it
looks like you like broken blood vessels
Oh on your chest
well Internet it’s time to go to bed if
you guys have any more like kids toys
that you loved as a kid that we should
try as an adult tell us in the comments
this is actually a lot of fun we did
operation we did the pool we did slip
and slide definitely let me know in the
comments and make sure you go check out
the little cat video we’re talking about
earlier and we will see you guys
tomorrow as always have a great night
toodles bye guys this schmuck over here
I think was Alex oh I’m so sorry camera
I think was Morgan
you can have some too I believe see how
it’s not open I was open right there
he’s all my backpack thank you guys for
keeping the tradition alive everyone
loves your toys except Marley because
you wanted to go to the super thing hi
this is Beth present ever
look at that do all that sugar boo this
I feel it
we have to do some surgery right now get
over here

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Last update on 2021-04-18 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate a Simply Philosophy team earns from qualifying purchases.

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Last update on 2021-04-18 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate a Simply Philosophy team earns from qualifying purchases.